Berries, Acorn & Twig Centerpiece

IMG_6028Looking for a way to spruce up a table or shelf for the holidays?  Just grab the following things and you can have a vase bursting with life and color in moments:


Berry Stems with leaves (minimum four)

Smaller accent (thin twigs, berry blossoms)

Hurricane Vase (preferred, but any wide vase will do)

Place smaller accent branches of your choice in vase, followed by berry sprays in front  positioned opposing directions. Lastly place acorn snug in middle of vase. Voila!

Locally Grown: Santa Monica Farmers Market

Oh, the joys of buying local – not only do you support the community around you, but you are able to gain knowledge on where your fruits and vegetables are coming from and have a better insight on what you are consuming.  We recently headed to our local Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica and the beauty and abundance of fresh produce abounded.  We even received tips on how to enjoy the foods we purchased in recipes the growers actually used themselves (more to come on Guava Pie ala the Key Lime variety).  Find out where your local Farmer’s Market is and indulge in the information you can learn about the food you take home! Here are some of our favorite items from our trip…

Thanks to Garcia Organic Farms and Jamie Farms!