Candied Walnuts & Baked Brie


Yes…there is THAT much decadence in this little round wheel of cheese. Not only does adding sweet & savory flavors into this caramelized wonderland taste so good it could be considered sinful, it manages to conjure up the right amount of nutty texture to have your tastebuds beginning for more.  We are serious.  So pick up any brie that suits your fancy, and toss that little baby into the oven (make sure to perforate it).  It’s a snack that can entertain a crowd or a treat you simply sit in front of with great, crusty bread and not care who is nearby watching you devour.  Trust us, it won’t last long. 

What you need:

Wheel of Brie

Candied Whole Walnuts

Aluminum Foil

Bread that fits your liking

The ability to not get upset for eating an entire wheel of brie

Just saying…We warned you.

Bake brie on aluminum foil in a baking dish at 350° for 20 – 3o minutes or when bubbling. Remove from oven, take off top layer of rind and cover in walnuts.

Note:  Cranberries could also be a great addition for extra taste and texture.

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