Ever wonder how some people can delve into their kitchens and come up with a Michelin starred course in a matter of moments. A flick of the wrist, a shuffle of a pan, and a dollop of whatever they call that white cream (creme fraiche or let’s be honest, sour “creme”).  And it is even more astounding when they have plated the course like a professional, set a fabulous table and come up with menus made out of double-thick card stock with your name on it (that sits nicely with a sprig of rosemary tied on with twine). These mystical culinary magicians! The funny thing is… there is no mastery here that we all cannot come away with and replicate in our own homes.

Thus the creation of The Pleasant Pantry. A guide for those around us to look at their kitchen, stare it down with confidence, and create a home that cooks well, eats well & lives well.

How obvious it seems that most people cook for flavor, appeal and most importantly, convenience.  Well, we think there is a way to do that with mindful preparation, simple but clean ingredients and a way to add flare that will make you proud to plate, and those you nourish excited to sit down to enjoy it.

So join us in blending two rich worlds: one being sumptuous taste & flavor, the other health and wellbeing, add a dash of how to present these two juxtaposing themes beautifully, and a pinch of thoughtfulness when filling your cabinets… and you have yourself a perfectly Pleasant Pantry.

With a loving spoon,

Jenet and Amy



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